I believe Iran over Pence, the right-wing, racist, lying-fascist Zionist

Iran on Saturday rejected accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against it by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, saying it respected Judaism but opposed Israel, which Tehran said was acting like a "killing machine against the Palestinians". [Source]

While I don't agree with Iran's Islamic theocracy, I do believe Iran is not remotely the problem claimed by the Netanyahu-liars of the world. Iran does not seek, and has not sought, nuclear weapons. Iran is not hegemonic but defensive. It is the US that has tried to dominate Iran, not the other way around.

The Iranian People are basically good people. They should be treated as such. Iran's government should be encouraged to relax; but, to do that, they need to stop being threatened. The Iranian leadership believes that if Iran let's down its rather "conservative" Islamic positions, Iran would be easily undermined and made worse. That sentiment is understandable. The "West" should change first.

Tom Usher

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