Pence to Germany, you must knuckle under because Russia hasn't

What should Germany and France, et al., the EU, say to the Trump administration and US neocons? Go home.

NATO should be completely disbanded. The only thing Atlanticism has been doing is making things worse everywhere. There is no Pax Americana. The US Empire does not bring peace but war. The US does not have a Department of Defense but a War Department. Defense is a euphemism.

Russia, the Soviet Union, gave up war mongering in favor of trust. It was the US that lied, cheated, and ruined. When Russia realized it, it made a comeback but not under Stalinism or Trotskyism but a rather centrist mixed-economy/welfare-state arrangement. When Russia refused to remain completely dominated by the US, the US set out to ruin Russia again and hasn't stopped trying to this day.

The Georgian War was a US ploy that failed. The Kiev coup was a US ploy that has also, so far, failed. The Shock and Awe of Iraq was based upon a pack of lies, as was the overthrow of Qaddaffi, and has been the attempted overthrow of Assad.

While the US selectively rolls out the term democracy, it backs dictators who do as they are finally told by the US. It calls democrats dictators when those democrats follow Russia's example of refusing to do what the US tries to order them to do.

So, Germany, what are you? Who are the Germans, really? Are you a vassal state? Are the Germans democrats or under the rule of fascists?

Make no mistake about it, the US is a smokescreen for global corporatism headed by global plutocrats. That's fascism by definition.

Germany, the German People, need to say to the US to leave Europe, to go back home, to leave the EU to negotiate with Russia concerning EU-Russia issues, and for the US to stop trying to ramp up hostilities for the sake of US plutocrats anti-democratically attempting to rule the world.

It's really that simple, and it would be good for the US and the American People.

Tom Usher

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