(Video) Debate: Was Winston Churchill a hero or villain?

"I don’t think calling him a villain is some great crime" says former mayor of London Ken Livingstone who debates whether Winston Churchill was a hero or villain with The Daily Globe contributor Adam Cornett. John McDonnell believes that "you've got to look at individuals in the round".

Churchill loved Mussolini, thought he was a great leader. Churchill was for chemical weapons use, for terrorism. He was also a eugenicist. I really don't admire the guy. His role in WWII has been severely overrated too.

Frankly, I'm not convinced that WWII should have been fought. I'm not convinced that Hitler was more insane than Churchill. Plenty of what Hitler was, was the creation of the other imperialist powers. The same can be said of Japan. Were they racists? Yes. So was Churchill. Once upon a time, was the US more racist than not? Yes. Is it still? Was Britain? Yes. Was the US beaten by outside forces into the abolition of slavery? No. Was Britain? No. How do you win over hearts and minds, with bombs? No.

What is a war hero, really?

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