An Open Letter to US Senator Marco Rubio Concerning Venezuela and Marco's Soul

To US Senator Marco Rubio,

The Supreme Court of Venezuela, not the US Trump administration nor you, will decide whether Juan Guaido has been engaging in treason by unconstitutionally declaring himself to be the President of Venezuela while aiding and abetting foreign powers and nation-states in the attempted systematic, often violent, illegal overthrow of the duly elected and constitutional government of Venezuela.

The Supreme Court of Venezuela had already found the National Assembly to be acting outside the bounds allowed by the constitution of Venezuela when that Assembly allowed people barred for electoral fraud to vote as if legally sitting members of the Assembly. All votes taken while those illegally voting were declared null and void.

The electoral-fraud convictions against the members of the Democratic Union Roundtable (DUR) were based upon solid, substantiated evidence, something those bent upon overthrowing the government of Venezuela ignore. Everything hinges upon this truth.

The Supreme Court has stated, therefore, that Juan Guaido was not in a position to legally declare himself President even if the Constitution would have otherwise allowed it.

Furthermore, the Court has made clear that the Constitutional provision allowing the leader of the National Assembly, when legally sitting, to declare himself or herself President is contingent upon the current President being unable to perform the duties of the President, which is not the case concerning President Maduro.

Therefore, the US Trump administration, all the nations that have recognized Guaido, and you are wrong and are violating international norms and laws in both letter and spirit.

I don't agree with President Maduro waiting for the Supreme Court to rule further concerning the entire matter. It is obvious on its face that Juan Guaido has been, and still is, committing treason.

You, Marco Rubio, as a US Senator, should be for the rule of democratically decided law rather than be engaging with international racketeers. Have you really not known that?

Per the Gospels, when Jesus was dying on the cross to atone in advance for you for your sins if you'll repent of them, Jesus asked God in Heaven to "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Jesus was referring to those who called for his crucifixion and those who carried it out.

What's your excuse, Marco?

I don't see how you have one. I don't see how you've even prayed on the whole issue of Venezuela. I don't see how you've been praying at all.

Tom Usher

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