Did the so-called "Crown Prince" of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, get the green light from Trump on Pakistan?

What a mess is Saudi Arabia and US foreign policy concerning it!

Trump wants Venezuela's oil. Why not Saudi Arabia's instead?

What is the so-called "Crown Prince" of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, promising Trump that Salman can pledge $20 billion and more to Pakistan at a time when India is having such a hard time with Pakistan and so is the US, actually?

Have the hits on India been false-flags? Were the hits conducted with the government of Pakistan's okay? What explains things?

India detains 23 men with suspected links to group behind deadly Kashmir attack

Why is the US media deliberately not covering the whole issue, all the obvious hypocrisy and lying concerning Venezuela versus Saudi Arabia? Is it due to corporatism/fascism?

It certainly is.

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