Stop playing word games with "holocaust" and Poland

Some Poles collaborated with Nazis. The vast, vast majority did not, and the Polish government definitely did not. End of story.

The sin is lumping everyone together who should not be lumped together. It is a typical Zionist error/ploy to milk sympathy and to gain control where it should not have control.

All Jews are not Zionists. Understand? Zionism does not represent all Jewishness. Understand? There are way too many Jews who do not support what the Zionist Project in the Middle East has become for that Project to be considered synonymous with the term "Jew."

So, the Polish government understands all of that and does not want what some Poles did to define what it meant to be Polish before, during, or after WWII and certainly not to be taken as official or unofficial Polish government policies or practices.

Jonathan Ornstein, head of the Jewish Community Center in Krakow, called on Katz to apologize or resign.

"As a proud Israeli and Polish citizen, I feel that Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz should apologize or resign after his offensive, xenophobic remarks about Poland. On his first day in office, no less. Truly Shameful," Ornstein said on Facebook. [Source]

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