Populism correctly defined is the Greatest thing, the best form of government!

We do not live under populism or democracy in the USA. We live under a self-appointed and trickster corporatist-capitalist elite lording it over the entire rest of the people.

The vast, vast majority of people incorrectly define the term "populism." Even so-called experts do. Some do it intentionally.

Populism is for the people as a whole (regardless of any other classifications) against 1) a self-appointed elite lording it over them or 2) an elite who've tricked the people into agreeing to be lorded over by them.

Populism is always democracy. It is not the people choosing one or a few to lord it over them where the people give up their power and authority to remove or replace those chosen to lead. It is not a populist move to give up populism. It is an anti-populist move to give up democracy. It is not a democratic move to vote to get rid of democracy. Democracy furthers democracy. It does not extinguish itself. Any move that extinguishes populism or democracy is anti-democratic.

I am a populist, a progressive, a democrat, a socialist, a Christian. I strive to be consistent in these things to the best of my God-given ability.

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