Total war: How long before the MSM starts trashing Sanders because billionaires give the orders?

So, Bernie Sanders did the expected. He announced he still wants to be the President of the United States.

BTW and speaking of identity politics, Bernie would be the first Jewish President, not that, that should sway a soul. It shouldn't because it's irrelevant. What matters is the content of the person's character: whether the person will be honest or a caver, tell the truth or be a poll taker. If you're going to cave to be popular, I hope you lose. Would we even have a President if I were to get my way?

Anyway, Bernie is still against the billionaire class. We live in a plutocracy; so, either the billionaires realize Bernie would never go down with the ship fighting to keep his campaign promises or they'll pay experts to undermine Sanders' campaign until he loses.

Maybe, just maybe, the plutocrats realize that this time they can't stop FDR from being elected. They'll give some, wait, plan, then start all over again rolling back the "incremental" changes Bernie or any other person or group will have momentarily pulled off. Did I say FDR? Yes. What happened? He got through most of his New Deal, which did pull the US economy out of the Great Depression. A couple of generations later, it was almost entirely undone. We haven't recovered since. They could also resort to what they did to JFK, MLK, and RFK to really cut things short.

What's my point? Knock off the incrementalism. If you're going to go for democratic socialism, then do it like you're in a total-war situation because you are.

Tom Usher

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