Who the Hell does he think he is? "U.S. President Donald Trump is ... pledging to eradicate socialism from the Americas"

To eradicate socialism means to murder all democrats. He'll fail. I guarantee it. He's already failed. He failed before he began. His idea was dead at conception.

The People of Venezuela will decide, and they won't choose fascism no matter how much Donald Trump whines.

Nicolas Maduro is no less ready than was Bashar Assad to fight through to victory. Maduro has the same allies Assad has and more. Try to invade Venezuela, start a civil war there, and you will not only fail but bring violence right into the US.

You've been thumping Russia in the chest, and Russia isn't backing down. It's calling for sanity but ready to put the rabid dog down even if it means going out with it. Russia will not be taken over by greedy monsters who won't give a damn about the Russian People. Putin cares about his People, and they know it. You watch. You should be half as loved, admired, and respected.

Tom Usher

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