Who's most afraid of the People ruling, of democracy? The more dictatorial, the greater the fear of losing personal wealth, power, and wicked control.

Xi is the totalitarian dictator over all the people of China. His word is law. His control is like some ancient emperor before whom the people tremble.

What does the US do about it? The US is not a democracy itself and doesn't want other nations to be democracies. The US is a plutocracy that only gives the people bread and circuses: fake government, fake democracy. That plutocracy doesn't want a democratic China. It only wants market share in China, all of it, the whole of China and 100% market share/control.

Xi's greed is simply more in your face. He's not hiding his coveted dictatorial power. He'll talk a game to appease the Chinese people, but he'll order his imperial military to mow them down in the streets if they try to take his power from him. What a cowed people they are right now.

Mao led a violent revolution to bring a fake socialism to China. What do the Chinese people really have to show for it all from then to now: slavery to Xi. He personally owns them. They slave for him. He gives them crumbs. Some he'll allow to be rich, but they have to be even more careful of him than do the poor, who would have to rise up en masse to overthrow him, to free themselves of their chains he has on every single one of them.

Tom Usher

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