Jeremy Corbyn, put the fear into the right-wing, fascist, racist Zionists

Are all Jews fascists, racists, land thieves, and war criminals? If they were, I'd be anti-Jew.

Why the Hell doesn't Corbyn know enough to always, and I really mean always, answer the Zionist by charging them with ethnic cleansing, apartheid, land theft, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and attempted genocide (some would say it already constitutes genocide) and by telling them that they'll be put in the dock to answer for their crimes?

Why the Hell doesn't he flat out state that the "anti-Semitic" narrative is only designed to deflect attention from where it belongs.

Why the Hell can't he rally all the youth of Britain to stand up with the truth-telling Jews of the world who openly state that Netanyahu and his ilk are all a bunch of monsters (which they clearly are)?

Why doesn't he invite those truth-telling Jews to do tons of interviews with him so that Labour can play the interviews over and over and over until the fascist-Zionist entity/project in whats wrongly called Israel is overturned and replaced by a one-state democracy where Jews and Arabs and others have full and equal rights? Isn't that what the founding spirit of Labour was all about?

Get off the defensive, for God's sake! Go on the offensive and never, never, never get off it.

We've all been telling him this since forever! It's annoying that he can't seem to stand up. Practice makes perfect is the old saying. Start, Jeremy!

The Zionists always go silent when relentlessly confronted with exactly what they don't want the public thinking about. Therefore, shut them up by pounding on the horrific crimes. Blame them. They have it coming.

Jeremy, exactly how angry has it made you that so many unarmed Gazans teenagers were shot in the back from hundreds of yards away by Zionist snipers? Yell at them. It will do you good. It will be good for the world. It will be heard in Heaven. That will do you good too.

This is what I've been saying: "Anti-Semitism and Labour: Jeremy Corbyn must stop apologising and start fighting back," by Ghada Karmi, 14 August 2018. Notice that date.

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