Sanders still has foreign policy wrong in a very major way

This is good?

As for culprits, Sanders has a list. His Johns Hopkins address lists Vladimir Putin of Russia, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia as part of this global nexus of corruption and autocracy. He also singles out American billionaires like Robert Mercer and Sheldon Adelson for “promoting a shared agenda of intolerance and bigotry” as part of a “common front” of authoritarianism. And while Sanders was silent on Venezuela in these speeches, he has criticized the government of Nicolás Maduro in other venues, attacking its authoritarianism and suppression of democracy while rejecting intervention by the United States. [Source]

It is right on some things and wildly stupid on others.

Look, Putin is actually extremely progressive by global standards and quite democratic in that respect too. The reason you don't know it is because the US MSM focuses on identity politics and ignores all of the domestic economic and welfare policies Putin has put into place and continues to bring forth.

The billionaires have duped Bernie. They hate Putin because Putin is anti-neoliberal. Putin opposes the corporatization of the globe. That's why they hate him and are out to get him. Those exact same things apply concerning Maduro.

Maduro is perfectly democratic. All the stories by the neocons to the contrary are a pack of blatant lies. The neocons make things up out of whole cloth about Maduro. Maduro hasn't violated the Venezuelan constitution at all, just the opposite. Maduro has vastly increased housing for the poor, healthcare for the poor, and literacy rates across-the-board.

Bernie has been brainwashed because he hasn't read widely enough on the subjects and hasn't asked either Putin or Maduro himself.

There's still hope, but Bernie better step up his foreign-policy game if he plans to be President.

I will say that he's certainly on the right track denouncing Netanyahu. He should do a great deal more of that.

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