No to ethnocracies: Al Jazeera English video interview with three Zionists: "How much of a problem is anti-Semitism in Europe?"

What kind of world is it that would outlaw someone saying that nation-states should not exist as ethnocracies? I will fight against any such law tooth and nail. Why? For one, I say no nation-state should exist as an ethnocracy. That includes the nation-state the Zionists have named Israel.

The Zionists' Jewish state is the Palestinians oppression and second-class citizenship (and worse).

If the USA ever passed such a law, enforced it, and had it approved by the Supreme Court, it would be the final nail in the coffin containing the US Bill of Rights and time for a revolution to restore what little freedoms that Bill of Rights is supposed to memorialize and protect.

Sometimes France is simply backwards.

"How much of a problem is anti-Semitism in Europe?":

French President Emmanuel Macron introduced a bill this week that would make anti-Zionism a criminal offence. Anti-Semitism, hostility and prejudice directed against Jewish people, is already illegal in France. Anti-Zionism, opposition to the state of Israel, could now follow. Elsewhere in Europe, 12 MPs resigned from their parties in the UK, citing the failure to deal with anti-Semitism as one of the reasons. The EU says hate speech and harassment are becoming the new norm. So why are Jewish people being singled out? Presenter: Hoda Abdelhamid Guests Yossi Mekelburg, professor in International Relations at Regent's University Michal Bilewicz, Chair at the Center for Research on Prejudice at the University of Warsaw Hugo Drochon, Political Theorist at the University of Nottingham.

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