Bolsonaro is now running scared about Venezuela and should be

Jair Bolsonaro is facing a mounting domestic crisis over personal and family links to organized crime in Brazil while he watches the world around him distance itself from the US neocon administration's clamoring for war against Venezuela.

Bolsonaro stupidly hitched his star to Donald Trump's foreign policy.

Once Bolsonaro started getting negative press do to crime connections, the US neocon press stopped lauding him and the Trump administration stepped back from lauding him too. Bolsonaro now realizes that Trump doesn't have his back and can't, and won't even try, to save him. Bolsonaro has no choice but to step back himself from his earlier utterly fascistic plan.

It's why Brazil has announced it won't allow the US to invade Venezuela from Brazil.

Of course, Columbia is in the Trump administration's pocket. Attacking Venezuela via Columbia is all the US would need were it foolish enough to do it.

Meanwhile, as Pence's speech in the EU about Iran went over like a lead balloon and most of the world sides with Maduro, Pence keeps imagining that all that's necessary is to dupe the American public. He's an idiot.

Tom Usher

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