The Trump-Pence administration sounds even dumber about Venezuela then the Bush-Cheney administration sounded about Iraq.

Bush-Cheney was selling regime change against Iraq by falsely claiming Saddam Hussein was linked to al Qaeda and was secretly trying to obtain yellow cake and already had a massive chemical and biological weapons arsenal. Of course, more than half of Americans didn't believe a word of it. Nevertheless, the neocon boob-tube and printed rags echoed the neocons beating the drums of war for ... money, etc.

Trump-Pence is beating the same war drums also based upon a complete pack of lies and distortions. Not a single of their talking points is based upon facts. 100% of the neocon narrative is twisting at best. The difference this time is, the People haven't forgotten the Iraq War and the Bush-Cheney, neocon lie factory. They haven't forgotten the lies about all the other places the US has caused needless and criminal massive death and destruction.

Trump and Pence are falling for the false success story of neocon entire domination of the news that can, and is, reaching the American People.

The People have learned a great deal about how to obtain and to communicate the truth in the face of corporatist "social media" being 100% control by the neocon-Plutocrat's National Security State.

Fortunately, Trump and Pence will fail miserably concerning Venezuela. Pence will suffer the most.

Tom Usher

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