Kosovo as it really is today, not as you've been told: Videos by Graham Phillips (a brave soul)

He rips Rita Ora in this one. This is why I watch his videos. You should subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwfUqs5Y6_jblWJwMIfRzA

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The US used terrorists to ruin Tito's socialist Yugoslavia. If you try to find the real truth about Tito, you'll be inundated with garbage spewed by fascists and neocons who dominate the "news" media and who write crap as "history." Tito was an amazing person who fought the Nazis with everything he had and who rightly unified the People who once made up the nation he formed called Yugoslavia. The US undermine Yugoslavia because Yugoslavia was the very best model of what a nation should be. I don't know whether Graham Phillips will go into that, but I just thought you should know one way or the other.

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Those are his videos so far. I may or may not update this with more of them as he publishes them.

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