The Magic Socialist: Feel the con

CJ Hopkins had me laughing out loud, though it's really not funny. He nails it. How many people have put Bernie Sanders on the spot about what he'll do if the system cheats his followers again?

Not only that, but Bernie has never, and I mean never, used the term socialist correctly. He's been pushing an expanded welfare state, not socialism! I had a major problem with that from the start and called him out on it to the extent that others chimed in with me. Good thing that because otherwise people would have been duped into thinking Bernie will usher in that which is as good as it can get.

We do not need an enhanced welfare state. We need democratic socialism, the real thing. We need the entire economy democratized such that an extra dollar or $100 billion won't buy anyone more say than the homeless person sleeping on cardboard in the local alley.

Tom Usher

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