Very frustrated by Jeremy Corbyn's sloooooow uptake on how to fight and win

I'm right on the edge of throwing up my hands and giving up on Corbyn. In the whole time I've been watching him, which started long before he became Labour leader, I've only seen him handle the neocons well once. All the rest of the time, he acted like a schoolboy rightly chastised. Well, maybe not quite that bad but close enough. I guess he was never bullied as a kid and got fed up with it and gave a final and deadly serious warning that put the fear in the bullies.

Well, he's caved on Brexit and caved yet again on "anti-Semitism." Kit Knightly covers it all too well here and here so I don't have too.

Chris Williamson should never have been suspended from the Labour Party – he should never have been rebuked or chastised for his words at Sheffield. He told the truth, and those who have deliberately taken his words out of context to vilify him in smug, dishonest editorials, have a political axe to grind that is nothing to do with genuine antisemitism.

This should be the position of everyone on the left who has a genuine interest in a socialist Labour government. Sadly, it is not.

Williamson has been thrown under the bus.

That same thing has happened over and over and over. Good people have been smeared, their words and intentions distorted, by lying right-wing, fascist Zionists only to have Labour tuck tail rather than telling the morons to shut up or to even go back to Hell where they came from.

Tom Usher

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