Bravo: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a ‘living wage’ starts in her office

Lee Drutman, a senior fellow at New America’s political reform program who has studied congressional pay, said not every office would be able to find top-tier candidates willing to take such a hit for the team. [Source]

Of course they wouldn't, but why? The answer is not simply that Alexandria "is so hot right now" but why is she's so hot. Her ideology. The reason the others won't be able to do the same is because they don't want to. Their ideologies are based vastly more on competition and clawing one's way to the top over the dead bodies who can't make it on slave salaries and wages. Therefore, it's not that what AOC is doing isn't right for everyone, it's that the ideology of the nation must, and will, continue moving economically and democratically left until cooperation and the team is everything. In other words, to hell with competition over cooperation. The more cooperation the better.

Tom Usher

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