Excellent Video: Renegade Inc: Venezuela - The Anatomy Of A Coup

After learning nothing from epic failures in resource rich countries like Iraq and Libya, the US neocons are at it again. Condemnation of a democratically elected president, gaslighting from the international community, sanctions, meddling with supply chains and threatening the lives of the generals. All hallmarks of a regime in search of yet more resources. But after years of this well-worn neocon narrative, could Venezuela be the stumbling block that halts an overstretched American war machine? Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by Head of the Latin American Studies Research Group at Middlesex University Dr. Francisco Dominguez and Professor of Human Rights at Birkbeck Prof. Oscar Guardiola-Rivera to ask what’s really going on in Venezuela.

Who burned the "humanitarian-aid" truck in Venezuela

I came of age on John Pilger's reporting. He was the best of the best. He still is. Here's a snippet of what he has to say about Trump-Pence crimes against Venezuela

Venezuela: The attempted coup by the US neocons has failed

Informative, on-the-ground video from Venezuela: "The real humanitarian aid: Inside Venezuela’s state-subsidized communal markets"

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