Hallelujah, Hillary lost, Trump will lose, and the next Democratic President will not be a Goddamned war hawk!

John Bolton has Trump's ear, which isn't saying much, and will cause Trump a loss in 2020 over Venezuela! The Democrats will nominate a dove for President and will win.

Are you listening, Donald? Can you hear me? To those who can hear, let them hear.

You are losing the propaganda war because you have been spewing utter nonsense about Maduro, Venezuela, democratic socialism, and all manner of other things. The youth of the nation know it. You're a big mouth on Twitter, but you know nothing about the Internet. You're catering to a dying breed. Thank God!

You said the right words against Hillary's foreign policy. You didn't do the idiotic thing she would have (start a war with Russia over Syria), but now you are doing exactly toward Venezuela what you condemned her for doing and advocating. Of course, you always had other things to say that showed your real conflicted personality.

You're a screwed up person, Don. You haven't been praying real prayers, only fake ones with a bunch of apostates pretending to love Jesus. What you really are is a money grubbing, greedy, lying, prick; but, we both knew that about you.

I don't say you're a real racist (actually believing Whites are inherently superior), but you do a good job of acting the part of a racist being careful not to cross the line where even Republican racists would have to distance themselves from you. That makes you particularly dishonest.

You call for free speech after lauding WikiLeaks only to turn around to condemn Julian Assange. You are one massive flip-flopper on purpose and one gigantic hypocrite.

You've cheated on your income taxes, and everybody knows it.

Are you beyond redemption? If not, prove it. You have no choice. Either you prove you aren't or you are beyond it. Don't imagine you can magically fix everything on your death bed. You don't have forever.

Tom Usher

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