Ilhan Omar, thank you for not apologizing when you've said only what is exactly true!

Neocon Democrats, bought and paid for by the Jewish lobby and who back the fascist, racist government of the state calling itself Israel (Jacob in Heaven is disgusted with them), are doing their best to deflect attention away from the war crimes and crimes against humanity of Israel by attacking Ilhan Omar after she, again, rightly told the truth about elected Democrats and Israel and its backers, most of them Israel-firsters. They most certainly do have allegiance to that fake state of Israel, that wicked, wicked ethnocracy.

Ilhan Omar tried to be conciliatory before, but I'm sure she now knows that the fascists will stop at nothing to silence her no matter how factual her statements about the Jewish lobby, Israel, and bought and paid for US legislators.

The moral of the story: Never apologize when you aren't wrong. Never give a damn about anyone deliberately taking you wrong. Never give a damn about the fake feelings of those who don't give a damn about the real suffering of the oppressed and dispossessed.

I've learned from Ilhan Omar. I now see that Muslims in the US can vote into office a woman (A WOMAN) who cares more deeply about the US Bill of Rights than all of her detractors care combined.

May God bless Ilhan Omar, and I mean the Christian God: My God. More power to her. Some Muslims are better Christians than most non-Muslims who claim to be Christians.

Tom Usher

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