Kit Knightly has authored the most pointed article I've ever seen that cuts right to the heart of it all: "... they have invented antisemitism as a reason to turn against the only mainstream party dedicated to ending austerity and implementing socialist politics."

What you need to understand is that super-rich Jews are hiding behind labeling others anti-Semites. Those super-rich Jews hate all other Jews who want fairness, decency, justice, peace, love, prosperity for all, and everything else that's good and right. Other super-rich people who aren't Jews back those super-rich Jews in the evil they are doing. Non-Jew billionaires hide behind the fake anti-Semitism right along with those who invented it all in the first place.

There are anti-Semites. They just aren't the main problem or anything even remotely close to it. Greed is the main problem. Selfishness is the main problem. Anti-Semitism would disappear were it not for the greed and selfishness of certain Jews and their non-Jew backers.

If you're too afraid to say it, you're part of the problem.

Stand up for democratic socialism. Tell those who don't like it to go back to Hell where they came from: Jew or not.

They are saying it out loud. They are shouting it in our faces – STOP TALKING ABOUT INEQUALITY. STOP TALKING ABOUT POVERTY. STOP TALKING ABOUT SOCIALISM.

Arch-capitlalist and ad-man extraordinaire Don Draper’s most famous quote is “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

That is what is going on here. Wealth redistribution is being rebranded as antisemitism. Criticising billionaires is now “prejudice against people of means”. Blaming the rich 1% will be called “hate speech”.

The media haven’t turned against Corbyn’s Labour party because of antisemitism – they have invented antisemitism as a reason to turn against the only mainstream party dedicated to ending austerity and implementing socialist politics.

This, in a nutshell, is the whole purpose of identity politics – to distract, divide and disenfranchise. A sudden, violent narrowing of the Overton window to protect the super-rich from the fully justified anger of the working class. The end product of all this talk about race and gender and privilege is, to quote Jonathan Pie, “Thatcherism with diversity quotas”. A world of perpetual neo-liberal austerity, and a mass of cowed citizens afraid of complaining for fear of being convicted of a hate crime.

The establishment wants us to stop talking about class. They want us to leave the billionaires alone. They want us to shut up about socialism. They want us to accept that being anti-capitalist is inherently morally wrong.

And the more we talk about this fictional antisemitism, the more they win. [Source]

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