Zionist racists aren't hiding it. They're screaming it from the rafters. Fake Israel isn't stopping them from governing. Most US Democrats support them.

What more do you need to know as to why the US should not be supporting "Israel"? I do not support that fake Israel. I completely oppose it. It IS NOT my ally but my enemy. Evil is my enemy. Evil hates me, and I hate it back.

I won't do to them what they do to others. I will try to show them the light of love. I will not support them in their perpetuation of evil. Yes, you can love and hate at the same time. You can bless the ones who curse you. Honesty is a blessing to those who will accept the truth but death to those who won't.

"Ben-Ari is inciting on an ethnic-nationalistic basis against the Arab population" and "calling for a violent renunciation of the Arab population's rights," Mandelblit said.

Mandelblit said Ben-Gvir's statements were however not sufficient to bar him. [Source]

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