The neocons' long, failing, global revolutionary war causes the rise of the nationalists

Far-right parties are poised to double their seats in the European Parliament election in May, while mainstream conservative and Social Democratic groups face big losses, a new poll released by Germany's Bild newspaper showed. [Source]

What is "far-right"? I think they always mean nationalist, meaning tribal and exclusionary.

Most people don't focus on why nationalists are making gains in Europe. The main reason the nationalists are making gains is because of the neocons and liberal interventionists in the US and UK and those who go along with them and then bemoan the rise of the nationalists.

If the neocons hadn't started all the idiotic wars all over the place, refugees wouldn't have been flooding everywhere else. The nationalists wouldn't have much to complain about and wouldn't be on such a rise.

The neocons know all of this but level sanctions and attack via drones and do all manner of other things to create refugees and instability so they, the neocons, can take over.

The neocon operations in all the nations where they've undertaken these efforts over the last two decades have utterly failed. They don't stop because they think they haven't created enough global instability yet. That's why they're at it in Venezuela right now.

Tom Usher

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