⚡ Kosovo: Everyday People Are Supporting War Criminals

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I remember the Bill Clinton administration systematically ruining Yugoslavia because Yugoslavia was non-aligned (didn't side with the "West" or Soviets or later Russia) and was a fully functioning, primarily socialist state that was actually on the rise as an example of how things could and should be.

Clinton was a somewhat "liberal" (compared to laissez-faire) capitalist who, to only gain votes, allowed a few aspects of the mixed economy and welfare state. He single-handedly set back the Democratic Party by at least two generations via his neoliberalism and militant US-Empire building.

I didn't think he was right, but the Democrats were going to lose the Presidency again. I regret the lesser-of-evils cave-in by the legion of progressives who fell for his phony spiel.

He was and remains an avowed enemy of the New Deal. And to think that FDR was too reactionary.

Bill Clinton caused this:

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