Ilhan Omar Receives Support from Jews Critical of Israel

Saying people are hypnotized and have been hypnotized by groups or individuals is no trope. It's a fact. Progressives must stop agreeing with the right-wing Zionists (who have had the masses hypnotized for decades) but are losing their power because of people like me pointing it out, waking the masses to the reality of it:

Ilhan Omar, "Anti-Semitic tropes" is a PYSOPS and you were just placed under a spell: hypnotized, duped into apologizing for speaking truth to worldly power/money

US gov. knew exactly when WTC building 7 would come down. Who controlled the explosions? Watched. Stay hypnotized?

Concerning Syria, two blatant lies in one breath by the AFP

The White Helmets have staged attacks, and anyone who's bothered to look into it much at all knows it full well

Michael Brooks, host of the Michael Brooks Show and co-host of the Majority Report, and Dovid Efune, the Editor in Chief of The Algemeiner, join i24NEWS' David Shuster to debate the response to comments on Israel by Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

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