Jean-Luc Mélenchon, you're right about Macron; but, for God's sake, stop alienating Christianity

I've listened to Jean-Luc Mélenchon for hours and hours. I read his stuff. I generally like it. What I do not appreciate is putting down religion, as if the teachings of Jesus aren't even calling for better than what Jean is asking for.

Jean, there are Christian-humanists. In fact, there are Christians who say that true humanism is Christianity.

The basic tenant of humanism is that humans can, and should, improve the situation of humanity. Humanism is not anti-God, per se.

The spirit called for by Jesus doesn't hinder human development by humans but draws us together exactly to raise up all.

Stop alienating Christianity. Stop speaking as if Jesus is some sort of blockage. You are misleading people. You are pulling them away from the exact spirit we all need to succeed together.

I just wrote of Gal Gadot appealing with a religious statement, "Love your neighbor as yourself," to the racists in the Zionist Movement.

Take that page from her Book.

Tom Usher

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