Please note the Associated Press's one-sided "reporting" about Venezuela

Here's an example.

The U.S. and more than 50 governments recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president of the country. They say Maduro wasn't legitimately re-elected last year because opposition candidates weren't permitted to run.

Now, if the AP were truly legit, the AP would never say that without naming the number of nations that support Maduro against Guaido. There are 195 nations in the world. Only 50, some of which are headed by coupsters, support Guaido because the US neocons are pushing Guaido, the fascist. The AP would also say why certain opposition candidates weren't allowed to run. They violated the laws of Venezuela and were found guilty via due process of law.

Why does the AP rarely tell Maduro's side? The AP is ideologically driven for neoconservatism and against democratic socialism. The AP is working to manipulate minds. It knows that if you hear both sides, most of you will end up siding with Maduro. Therefore, they put you under a spell (yes, hypnotize) by drumming you into a stuper for one side: Guaido, the fascist, good, Maduro, the democrat, bad.

Mainstream media follows the AP's lead. The AP is one of three main neocon "news agencies." Thousands of media outlets simply publish AP stories. They pay the AP to be able to do that.

Tom Usher

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