Russiagate: The mirage on which neocons & lib Dems still build houses of cards: "Democrats, citing Russia, move to block foreign funding in 2020 election"

So, the legislation, H.R. 1, is fine, but the basis, which is Russiagate, is asinine.

First of all, it was Russians, not Russia, not the government. Some Russians bought ads before the election cycle, during the election cycle, and after the election cycle. What they were buying and saying ran both for and against Trump's interests. What they bought was a drop in the ocean in terms of dollars spent compared with all the other election spending. What they said was really mostly echoing things people already believed, such as Black Lives Matter's position.

Second, the Hillary Clinton campaign cheated at its highest ranks to obtain the Party nomination. Hillary Clinton was also a terrible choice and candidate. Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump for sure.

Third, all the accusations against Russia have been leveled mostly by professional liars who comprise the "intelligence community" of the USA. They have a very long track record of lying. Not a single thing they've alleged has been substantiated. The People are simply told by the liars to trust the liars.

Did Trump collude with Russia? No. There has never been even a shred of evidence, and there never will be. Did Hillary collude with Russians? Yes. We know she did, as it's right out in the open.

Russiagate was a ruse designed as a starting place for a cascade of allegations having nothing to do with the alleged Russiagate. Russiagate is the nonexistent foundation upon which all investigations have been justified, which makes all of it completely unethical and, frankly, illegal.

None of the above excuses Trump for his awful economic and environmental policies and practices or his war crimes. Yes, war crimes, for which he definitely should be impeached and removed from office.

I only raise the specter of the falsehoods alleged against, and about, Russia because those falsehoods are terrible for international relations and law and terrible for the US Constitution.

Tom Usher

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