This attack on the Democratic Party for being anti-Semitic is really going to help Jeremy Corbyn and the whole world, frankly

Jeremy Corbyn has had a really hard time knowing how to fight back against idiotic allegations that the Labour Party is anti-Semitic and that he is anti-Jew.

Now, the neocons in the Republican Party are trying the same stupid ploy here in the US against the Democratic Party. Watch how the Democrats make mincemeat of them. Watch how Jewish Democrats rip those foolish Republican neocons. Watch how young Jews stand up to them and beat them.

I'm so glad this has happened. It is hastening the day when the moronic claim that being anti-fascist, anti-Netanyahu, anti-"settlements," anti-Apartheid, anti-back shooting, anti-war, anti-genocide, anti-ethnic cleansing, anti-on and on and on, all the evil, is somehow inherently anti-Jew.

There are so many Jews who agree with me on all of that, and their ranks are swelling.

Thank God for them! Bless their souls!

Tom Usher

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