A hydroelectric dam stopped delivering power while a bunch of electrical substations burned nearly simultaneously causing a national blackout now followed by 3 oil tanks on fire, but it's Maduro's mismanagement rather than US-trained saboteurs. Sure, sure. Tell me another whopper.

Three storage tanks at the Petro San Felix heavy oil processing plant in eastern Venezuela caught fire late Wednesday, Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo told state television. [Source]

The blackout in Venezuela saw a number of substations burned. Exactly how was that due to mismanagement by Maduro. He didn't install heavily armed guards everywhere US-trained saboteurs could hit?

The US corporatists (read fascist-capitalists) don't tell you about the burned substations.

Suddenly, three oil tanks catch fire due to Maduro's mismanagement? Right, he didn't think to protect the oil tanks from US-trained saboteurs either.

Maybe simply killing the Devil would be easier.

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