"Christchurch brings global white supremacist threat into sharp relief." What about the causes of supremacism rising and the root cause of evil?

The setting alone was shocking: a pastoral, oceanside city in New Zealand, the country ranked the planet’s second-most peaceful, after Iceland. When a white-supremacist terrorist opened fire in two Christchurch mosques on March 15, taking 50 lives including those of a 3-year-old child and 78-year-old man, the brutal display of racial hatred – live-streamed on social media – jolted the world. [Source]

They aren't even mentioning the source. People claiming to be Muslims who have been committing terrorism gained adherents because of US imperialism, US regime-change efforts and wars, destabilization by the US to make all others weaker relative to the US and so the US can make money by building weapons to kill them and others.

They aren't even mentioning the neoliberalism that directly caused the Great Recession and austerity and pain and suffering that would not have otherwise occurred. Right wingers have risen up in reaction to it, and it's been the fake liberals' fault. It's been the Clintonites fault, who followed the Thatcher-Reagan deregulation move.

So, if you want to fix things, start with the root cause: greed. Stop the destabilizing regime-change efforts. Stop neoliberalism.

Tom Usher

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