Helping racist, fascist Netanyahu is Trump's Achilles' heel

The US Presidency is the Progressives' to lose. Don't!

“As we move toward 2020, this focus on Mr. Trump’s political interests is only going to intensify,” Mr. Miller says. Already the president is moving to exploit fissures developing in a reliably pro-Israel Congress over the president’s brand of favoritism, even as divisions deepen in the U.S. Jewish community over Mr. Trump’s combination of Netanyahu favoritism and antagonism toward Palestinians.

“Jews voted 80 percent Democratic in 2016, and that won’t change much no matter what” Mr. Trump does, Mr. Miller says. “But in close elections in a few key states, we all know that even a little movement can make a very big difference.” [Source]

Congress is becoming less and less pro-Israel. That's because Netanyahu's actions against Palestinian and Israeli Arabs are shocking members of Congress for their brutality, flouting of international law, and downright racism. Many members of Congress fully realize they can't support him without facing extremely and powerful criticism here in the US. That's also why the ranks of Jews is also growing who no longer support Israel no matter what evil it does. So, go ahead, Mr. Trump. Appeal to your base. It's shrinking while your opposition grows.

Tom Usher

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