Oh, this is really, really a must watch. If you're young, you should especially watch this: John Pilger on Julian Assange and what the Empire has been, and still is, all about

I remember literally growing up on John Pilger's documentaries, which I considered the best thing I could watch at the time. He was simply amazing and still is. I watched his documentaries on regular TV (over the airwaves). I'd mark my TV Digest so I wouldn't miss any. It was before VCRs. I can't imagine any mainstream media airing anything comparable and current right now and for exactly the reasons John spelled out in this very video. Thank you, John, for standing up so well for Julian Assange and for all of us. You too are a hero, sir!

We speak to legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger who discusses the arrest of Julian Assange after his asylum status was revoked by Lenin Moreno of Ecuador and subsequent removal from the Ecuadorian Embassy. He discusses the importance of Wikileaks’ work, why it is a threat to the United States, the danger the arrest poses to journalists everywhere and the possibility of extradition to the US.

The following post is somewhat my summary to-date and has links at its bottom to my recent series of posts on the whole subject: More questions, issues, & revelations concerning the Assange case & especially supposedly intercepted & decrypted communications between Manning & Assange

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