Nama is only a small taste of what will come if the US imprisons Assange. As I wrote before, all Hell would likely break loose if the US were to abuse, convict, & sentence Assange.

Nama is a group that has been applying DDoS (denial-of-service) attacks against Venezuelan entities to punish them for Lenin Moreno's corruption and betrayal of those who voted for him when he was claiming to be Rafael Correa's friend, etc.

Nama is punishing them because Julian Assange was handed over to the UK government and faces an uncertain future in terms of whether he will be turned over to Sweden to then be extradited to the US or simply extradited directly to the US to face phony charges in a kangaroo court.

Nama has promised to also hit the UK and the US too.

That's all before anything has been decided by the UK court concerning extradition.

If Assange is extradited to the US directly or via Sweden, then the UK, Sweden, Venezuela, and the US will face huge problems. The most severe will be in the US, where many people could riot as not seen in many decades if ever.

The timing of the idiot neocon-fascists couldn't be worse for them, but they are only bringing it upon themselves.

If the riots become bad enough, Trump's presidency will end at that point for all practical purposes. The more he'd clamp down and hurt the People, rioters or not, the worse it'd end up for him.

Pro-WikiLeaks Hackers Warn UK Gov: ‘Free Assange or Chaos is Coming for You’ (INTERVIEW)

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