"... thanks to the FEC, Israel owns the US Congress." Sounds like hyperbole? It's not. Read the linked article.

AIPAC and the Federal Election Commission. After reading that, if you think we've been living in a true democracy, where the government serves at the consent of the People, you are in denial.

Fortunately, the tide is turning. More and more American Jews are standing up against the fascist rulers of Israel. More and more American Jews are rightly fed up with how the Palestinians, regardless of religion or none, have been, and are still being, treated by those fascist hiding behind their false reading of the Bible.

Principled Jews have had it with Israeli war crimes, with Israeli land theft, with Israel's ethnic cleansing and disenfranchisement of non-Jews in Israel and the West Bank, Gaza, Shebaa Farms, and Golan Heights. Principled Jews are standing up and are demanding that the US government and all the other governments of the world put an end to Israel's crimes.

They aren't singling out Israel for any special punishment or legal sanctions or divestments or boycotts. They want all oppressive governments around the planet to also be held to account, to be stopped. They don't like the Saudi dictatorship any better than they like what the fascists in Israel are doing.

They are not anti-Jew. They are Jews. They are not against themselves. They are for treating non-Jews as equal under the law to all Jews, whether in Israel or anywhere else.

Obviously, I completely agree with those principled Jews and stand firmly against the fascists running Israel and who have their tentacles wrapped completely around the US government.

And don't say it isn't because of the concentration of wealth among those Jews in the US who favor the fascist government and who want fascism right here in the US. Don't call it a trope. It's a fact.

The fascists are extremely tribal and supremacist. They conspire together to organize to concentrate their spending to target their opposition. That's perfectly clear from the linked article.

Stand up to them. Back them all the way down. Take the power away from them. They are evil in intent. They don't deserve their wealth, power, or control.

Stand up for justice, for truth, for the poor and oppressed. That's the real message of the Bible, not the stupid idea that fascists are God's chosen. If you don't believe me, read it for yourself. It's all right there in black and white.

Tom Usher

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