While truly principled progressives have been working tirelessly dragging the entire nation to the economic left, Nancy Pelosi is constantly trying to dig in her heels. Why?

Nancy Pelosi knows that the younger generations are more economically progressive than any since perhaps the one that elected FDR during the Great Depression. Frankly, I think they are more economically progressive. However, Pelosi keeps putting down the idea every chance she gets. Why is she doing that?

There can be only one answer. She's against taking the nation where those youths want to take it. She's not against it because what the young people want can win elections. She's against it because she's an economic centrist.

"I can compare my liberal credentials across the board. I said to them: 'Anything you're about, I got that sign in my basement 20 years ago'," Pelosi said. [Source]

First of all, we aren't talking about "liberalism" here. We're talking about social democracy and democratic socialism.

I'd like to see Nancy Pelosi's campaign sign showing that she ran as either a social democrat or a democratic socialist. She didn't.

A social democrat is for nationalizing the heights of the economy. Pelosi opposes nationalization of anything that's in the corporatist sphere.

A democratic socialist is for the public owning and democratically operating not only the "commanding heights" but all enterprise. She's already said she's completely against that. She clapped when Trump said the US will never be a socialist nation.

Of course, he's wrong about that. It may not be called the US when where the US now stands is socialist, but it will happen because the movement is to the purest democracy we can have. The movement is to consensus across the entirety of humanity.

I know there are naysayers, but even naysayers change, convert, and surprise themselves. All that's need is the right information and enough transparency to show it will work and be better than anything anyone has imagined.

Tom Usher

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