Here's how Trump should handle the Mueller investigation/report & Russiagate in general

Order a team to go back to the very first published or publicly recorded who, what, where, when, and why concerning all of the following:

  1. Collaboration rumors
  2. Allegations of Russian government hacking
  3. Allegations of Russian non-government hacking
  4. Allegations of Russian government interference in the 2016 election
  5. Allegations of Russian non-government interference in the 2016 election
  6. Point-by-point refutations concerning the above, including those made by progressives
  7. U.S. government actions concerning the above, including actions of the FISA court

Have the team put everything in chronological order, timeline fashion.

Focus upon who started the rumors and allegations.

Focus most importantly on the legal standards applied by the FISA court. Exactly what information was given to the court? Did the court ask the right questions? If not, why not?

Pardon everyone who was charged or convicted as a result of bad-faith investigations.

If law-enforcement discovers illegality while acting on good faith (law-enforcement had reasonable, constitutional grounds for suspecting possible illegality, applied proper legal procedures while conducting an investigation, and discovered other illegality), the US Supreme Court would likely let it stand. If, on the other hand, law-enforcement discovers illegality while acting in bad faith, the US Supreme Court should definitely overturn any charges or convictions. Therefore, why wait?

The reason for the good-faith threshold at a minimum is obvious. Without it, law-enforcement could embark upon any investigation it wants without reasonable suspicion or probable cause and simply hope to find some illegality no matter how trivial. The minimum threshold is exactly why the Bill of Rights is in the Constitution. Any person could be harassed. The only risk law-enforcement would run is not finding any legal infraction(s) whatsoever.

Charge everyone (and I mean everyone) with treason who was in a position of rather high governmental power and who started a rumor or allegation and consistently followed up on it and never renounced it, where there was no reasonable basis for the allegation and the person had reason to know it. Also, stupidity is no excuse at such levels.

By the way, I'm a radical progressive.

Tom Usher

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