Utter Nonsense: "'Democratic socialists' Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tlaib prefer socialism to democracy"

"... but when they started to nationalize industries or make it too difficult to do business, their economies began to sink." That's what Joshua Muravchik claims proves that democratic socialism can't work. However, he doesn't tell you that their economies began to sink because of the heavy sanctions and other pressures, often extremely violent, heaped upon them by anti-democratic capitalists.

Muravchik is now an apologist for anti-democratic regime change carried out by fascist neocons. Maduro is not the dictator of Venezuela, Donald Trump is via John Bolton via Elliott Abrams via Juan Guaido. You don't see the poor people of Venezuela rising up against Maduro. You see the rich whites and their brown, wealthy allies trying to destroy the ability of the poor to organize and vote locally and to share the wealth of Venezuela's material resources, which the neocon-fascists openly covet.

Tom Usher

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