Concerning Trump & impeachment based upon the Mueller report, Laurence Tribe is a know-nothing just blowing hot air

I've warned that impeachment talk is dangerous, but the time has come: Laurence Tribe

Consider, for instance, candidate Trump’s public call for the help of the Russian state in defeating Hillary Clinton — met within hours, the special counsel charged, by Russian attempts to hack domains used by her campaign and personal office.

Prove it. You can't.

Even if they had, so what? The Hillary Clinton campaign cheated along with the DNC. That was already clear. Who cares who could gain more info for all of us to see concerning just how deep that rabbit hole of cheating went? If some Russians could have shown its depth, great! The US government should have opened up the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC like the can of worms they were.

This is exactly why we need a WikiLeaks.

Furthermore, the entire Mueller investigation and report is only based upon fraud and lies. There were no reasonable grounds for the investigation. There was no justice to obstruct. Stopping the investigation dead in its tracks would have been justice served. Anyone who doesn't understand that simply doesn't understand the US Constitution. It's fundamental.

Tom Usher

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