Rather than standing up, the world cowers as Trump threatens everyone over Iranian oil

So, the world powers made a deal with Iran concerning Iran's nuclear program. Trump gets elected and trashes that deal. The other signatories to the deal vow to keep the deal. Trump sanctions Iran. Trump now says he'll sanction every country that continues buying any oil from Iran. What do those signatories do? Do they say that they will continue buying Iranian oil? Do they say that if Trump sanctions them for buying Iranian oil they will cut off all trade with the US? Do they get the entire rest of the planet to tell Trump that his bullying days are over, that he can't win a sanctions war against the rest of the world united against him? Do they tell him that the US would be ruined if it couldn't trade at all with any other country? Do they tell him they'll cut the US off from all foreign banking transactions, all financial clearing?

Who would Trump have left to turn to, Netanyahu? Ha! Let fake Israel save him. Who would then save fake Israel, God? Hardly.

Tom Usher

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