Trump's popularity dropped due to the release of the Mueller report because Trump doesn't know how to explain things correctly to the American People concerning Russiagate

Some 19 months before the 2020 election, the battle for the White House is already firming up, with opinion polls showing Trump's popularity dropping following the release of the Mueller report.

A 22-month-long investigation into Russian election interference by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller detailed 10 episodes of potential obstruction of justice by Trump, including his firing of FBI director James Comey and demands that Mueller himself be removed. [Source]

Russiagate was a dirty-tricks political campaign against Donald Trump's Presidential campaign, which clearly turned into a treasonous coup attempt after Trump was elected. It was started by John Brennan and Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Republicans running against Trump tried to do opposition research using Steele and various Russians. That Republican effort was dropped only to be picked up by Hillary Clinton, who has never forgiven the Republicans for their "vast right-wing conspiracy" against Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, concerning, for one, his sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Engaging in a dirty, unethical, immoral, illegal campaign did not deter her. She relished it. She lost, and has not even begun to be held to account.

There were never any reasonable grounds for any court to allow any investigations into alleged Trump-Putin collusion. There was only "moderate" and "high confidence" alleged by a few in the "intelligence community" that the Russian government did anything at all. The Steele Dossier was a complete farce. Mueller based his Russiagate conclusion on the same people who included a disclaimer in the "high confidence" report stating that they didn't have solid evidence to prove the Russian government did anything. Does Donald Trump ever read? Does he ever research things for himself? Does he always rely upon imbeciles and neocons? Neocons will lie to him until they're blue in the face! Didn't he read Rod Rosenstein's orders to Mueller? Rosenstein defined an open-ended fishing expedition rather than a tailored investigation. Regardless, Rosenstein's order never should have been given.

Donald Trump lacks the discipline to give a serious speech outlining Russiagate from start to finish, leaving nothing out, including not leaving out that there is no substantiated proof the Russian government did anything concerning hacking or "interfering with the election." Maybe the Russian government did, but there is no proof on offer, only allegations made by professional liars.

Donald Trump can't make America Great Again, as it has never been truly Great. If he really wants America to be Great, he should start by being more disciplined and focused and by getting rid of the liars surrounding him. He should focus on the truth, all of it, in both foreign and domestic politics. Everything else is just doomed.

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