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Last updated: Sunday, May 26, 2019

Inmates voting: There are innocent inmates. We need to fix that. However, there are guilty ones who haven't repented. Voting is a privilege if that's what we say. Why should inmates not have to give that up until they've served their time? I'm open to hearing more about this issue.

Open borders: I'm for them after we help the nations where refugees are coming from and after we've raised the standards for allowing US companies to offshore anything. I'm talking labor, safety, and environmental standards.

Tax havens: Against them.

The Green New Deal: For it.

Packing the Supreme Court: Against it.

Abolishing ICE: I hate the name ICE. I consider this part of the open-borders debate and then some. Many innocent legitimate refugees are mistreated and sometimes worse. It sure needs a name change and reforming at the very least.

Abolishing the Electoral College: For it.

Abolishing the filibuster: For it.

Free college (through grad school): For it.

Free childcare: For it.

Votes for 16-year-olds: I was too young at 16, but kids grow up more quickly with every generation. I think we should do it.

Repealing the Second Amendment: For it.

Capital punishment: Against it.

Enhanced Medicare for all: For it.

Guaranteed employment: For it.

Guaranteed living income: For it.

Forgiving student loans: For it. I'd even give the people back what they paid.

Abolishing the Federal Reserve System: For it.

Subsidizing housing for anyone who needs it: For it.

Making peace with Russia: For it.

Standing against all dictators: For it.

Open government: For it.

Renaming the Defense Department back to the War Department: For it. I'd rather get rid of it altogether.

Establishing a Department of Peace: The State Department should actually be that (among other things).

Torture: Against it in all cases.

Enforcing the War Powers Act: For it.

Impeaching Trump: Not for Russiagate but for war crimes.

Video: Renegade Inc: Russiagate! – The Collusion Delusion:

When people stop buying the propaganda the mainstream media turn up the volume. Locked into ideological narratives on most issues the corporate journalists preferred option is to support government policy and double-down on their lies. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the so-called Russiagate saga in the United States. Host Ross Ashcroft travels to New York to meet journalist Ben Norton from the Grayzone. He and his colleagues were steadfast in the face of collective delusion – so why didn’t they fall for the mainstream fallacy?

Killing off all things Russiagate and Russiagate like (the evil spirit of Russiagate): For it.

Killing off professional lying in the "intelligence community": For it.

Killing off fake news [the terminology is decades old] domestically and internationally: For it.

Killing off false propaganda: For it.

Holding to account those responsible for Russiagate: For it.

Promoting only the whole truth (good faith): For it.

Ending governmental borrowing: For it.

Eliminating the national debt using newly created money exactly for that purpose: For it.

Trying Julian Assange: Against it.

Freeing Chelsea Manning: For it.

Letting Edward Snowden come back to the US with no charges being able to be brought against him for what he did: For it.

Regime change in Venezuela: Against it.

Ending sanctions against Russia, Venezuela, and Iran: For it.

Supporting the racist government of Israel: Against it.

Supporting the Palestinians so they can get completely on their feet but not to attack Jews for being Jews: For it.

Helping to rebuilding Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.: For it.

Equal pay for equal work: For it.

Equal Rights Amendment: For it.

Violent, property-damaging protests: Against them.

Anti-trust actions: For them. I'm a democratic socialist.

Nuclear power: Against it.

Organic, regenerative farming: For it.

Concentrated animal feeding operations: Against them>

Reforestation: For it.

Cleaning the oceans, etc.: For it.

The precautionary principle in all legislation: For it. I'd apply this to all vaccines too.

Corporatism: Against it.

Double standards: Against them.

Abortion: I'm personally always in favor of a female wanting to keep her baby; however, I can't coerce those who decide otherwise. I'm uncomfortable with all abortions no matter the financial situation or health of the pregnant female. Society should do much, much more (whatever it takes) to support women who decide to keep their babies.

I could go on. You get the point. The list above is, however, subject to updating (additions, etc.).

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