The region has truly backward leadership: "Iraq excludes 45,000 children born under IS rule"

"Children are not responsible for crimes committed by their relatives, yet many are denied their basic rights as Iraqi citizens," he said.

Without ID papers, these children have no access to education or health care, they are not allowed to enroll in schools and their mothers cannot get badly needed aid — they are denied "simply the right to exist," Egeland said.
"A society cannot be at peace if it allows a generation of stateless children in its midst."

Iraq excludes 45,000 children born under IS rule

This comes right on the heels of: "The spiritual council for Iraq's Yazidi community said Sunday that it will not embrace the children of women and girls raped by Islamic State group men." To Hell with the spiritual council.

Then these people wonder why evil befalls them. Yes, evil hits the innocent, but evil facilitated just begets more evil.

Tom Usher

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