Listen to arrogant, hypocritical, imbecilic John Bolton: "This is our hemisphere."

White House national security adviser John Bolton, a foreign policy hawk, said Moscow's involvement was not welcome.

"This is our hemisphere," he told reporters outside the White House. "It's not where the Russians ought to be interfering. This is a mistake on their part. It's not going to lead to an improvement of relations." [Source]

The US is all over Russia's hemisphere, but claims Russia can't be involved in the Western Hemisphere. Well, I have news for Bolton. Russia can have as many ties and as much involvement as it wants to in the Western Hemisphere. The US doesn't own the Western Hemisphere and shouldn't try to act as if it does. The Venezuelans are not America's slaves. The natural resources of Venezuela do not belong to the US or to US plutocrats.

Bolton, you're a loser. You've already lost. You never had a chance, and that's a good thing because you're mentally ill. You're a fascist through and through. You're weak and ineffective. You're also a coward.

Tom Usher

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