"Venezuela: Failed Coup Argues for New Approach" and no fear and not being duped

I was U.S. national intelligence officer for Latin America when all (repeat: all) 15 intelligence agencies resisted the efforts of John Bolton, now U.S. national security advisor, to manipulate intelligence on Cuba with allegations (still unfounded 17 years later) that the island had a biological weapons program. I’ve witnessed Bolton’s ire. I fear for those Venezuelans who’ve frustrated his grand schemes for their country.

Venezuela: Failed Coup Argues for New Approach

John Bolton is a blowhard. At the first sign of real trouble, he'd run.

It's amazing how people who don't believe the neocons turn right around and refer to Maduro as an autocrat based upon the lies of the neocons. He is not an autocrat. He was duly (constitutionally) elected every single time and would allow for the peaceful and democratic transition to a new legal President just as Putin did in Russia and will again.

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