Concerning socialism, here's the answer to Einstein's question

... it is necessary to remember that a planned economy is not yet socialism. A planned economy as such may be accompanied by the complete enslavement of the individual. The achievement of socialism requires the solution of some extremely difficult socio-political problems: how is it possible, in view of the far-reaching centralization of political and economic power, to prevent bureaucracy from becoming all-powerful and overweening? How can the rights of the individual be protected and therewith a democratic counterweight to the power of bureaucracy be assured? [Source]

A pure, direct, transparent democracy over the economy is the answer. The democracy needs to be as direct/pure as practicable. Representatives (I'm assuming there would be some), should be subject to instant recall.

The most important aspect is transparency. If the People have all the information, they will collectively make the best choices. Naturally, debate will be open and thorough.

We are approaching the day when all money will be created without governmental borrowing and when automation will make luxury communism possible, even inevitable. We should be planning for it right now.

The greatest naysayers are the greediest and most violent and depraved.

Tom Usher

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