Concerning Venezuela: "'This is a genuine popular democratic uprising,' Malinowski told Reuters. 'It's not led by the United States.'" I laughed out loud when I read that.

Referring to the title of this post, the regime-change effort is totally led and controlled by the US. Even Abrams made clear Guaido takes orders from him.

In addition, the poor democrats of Venezuela are not protesting against Maduro but for him. It's the richer and more European people who are trying to overturn the Venezuelan welfare state. They want to sell Venezuela to US plutocrats.

The real problem with Venezuelan socialism is that it didn't go far enough quickly enough. It didn't usher in complete economic democracy.

As for letting the fascists run loose committing treason, is that legal under Venezuelan law?

Here's the goofy article: "Cracks appear in U.S. bipartisan unity on Venezuela."

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