Cenk Uygur Keeps Trying To Out-Maddow Maddow

What happened to the portion of the left that no longer believes in evidence and facts? Trump gets a call from Putin and then does a complete reversal of his position Venezuela – to the benefit of Russia – and you don’t think that’s evidence? Your bias is blinding. https://t.co/csO8jbjpg8
— Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) May 9, 2019

This would be the same Trump who has espoused a Nuclear Posture Review with a much more aggressive nuclear stance toward Russia, who is creating appallingly dangerous low-yield “usable” nuclear weapons for the battlefield, who is arming Ukraine, who is staging a coup in Venezuela, who has bombed Syria, who is sabotaging Russian fossil fuel interests in Germany, who has expanded NATO and secured it more funding, and taken many, many other actions which harm Russian interests in a continually escalating new cold war which threatens the life of every organism on this planet. This is what Uygur is telling his millions of followers to push further into opposition to Moscow.

I try not to spend energy attacking well-meaning progressives with whom I agree on many issues, even if they’re completely asleep at the wheel in many areas. But at this point it’s as plain as day that Cenk Uygur is just as much a toxic influencer as the liberal pundits of mainstream media who work to herd their audiences into supporting establishment interests which do not serve them. He pretends to oppose war and pays lip service to opposing interventionism in Venezuela and elsewhere, but he’s spouting hawkish propaganda narratives the entire time while doing so. The man is extremely ambitious and is clearly gunning for acceptance within mainstream liberalism, which is why he keeps finding new and innovative ways to out-Maddow Rachel Maddow. Keep him at arm’s length. [Source: Cenk Uygur Keeps Trying To Out-Maddow Maddow]

By the way, Trump initiated the call to Putin, not the other way around.

Yeah, I don't watch TYT. This is why. I've always found it a total waste of time.

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